Hair Loss Disease

Hair Loss Disease Women are accustomed to styling their hair to make their personality shine through. However, not every woman, can enjoy their crowning glory’s health all throughout their lives. To the detriment of these prettier species, female hair loss can happen.It is a widely-known dilemma affecting over 30 million women in the United States alone, which is according to the American Dermatology Academy. It doesn’t only affect older women, even girls at a tender age of 15 or 16 can develop this dreaded problem female hair loss.What can possibly cause Hair Loss In Women? Here are some of the speculated culprits of female hair loss:Blame it on your parents.Yes, genes or having genetic predisposition to succumb to this problem is one of the major causes of hair loss. Checking if your grandma or aunts are suffering from hair loss can help inform you of your future with your tresses. Those with genetic predisposition to develop hair loss usually suffer from androgenic alopecia. It is a condition wherein androgen, a type of hormone which is aplenty with men, interferes with the normal cycle of hair growth. Androgenic alopecia used to be the most popular Cause Of Hair Loss.You could be sick of something.Sometimes female hair loss is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Such conditions that can cause female balding include polycystic ovary syndrome. Other conditions include autoimmune disorders. These autoimmune disorders can cause alopecia areata, hair loss in a less dramatic level. Alopecia areata is an inflammatory condition which can make hair come out in patches or clumps.Medical conditions such as anemia, a viral or fungal infection, anorexia or bulimia, liver disease, essential fatty acid deficiency, zinc deficiency, too much vitamin A, thyroid disorders and other chronic diseases can also be at fault when female hair loss is experienced. Some women who also undergo medications such as chemotherapy or taking in or stopping certain birth pills, amphetamines, bromocriptine, anti-cholesterol agents, etc., can also be one root cause of hair loss. Other conditions that can cause a certain type of hair loss known as telogen effluvium include crash dieting, child birth, menopause, a traumatic emotional event or surgery. This female hair loss condition is usually temporary and happens because the natural growth cycle of the hair gets altered.Habits can also cause female hair loss. These habits are hair pulling, overuse of scrunchies, overuse of hair products, etc. Stress can trigger hair pulling and other habits that can cause hair to come out.So how does female hair loss get treated?Experts in treating Hair Loss In Female recommend diagnosing the main cause of this condition first before attacking it with any treatment plan.If your thinning hair is because of an oily scalp, doctors would recommend that you shampoo your hair more frequently.If it’s a habit that is causing hair loss, psychological help is usually of great help. But if it’s another medical condition, such as anemia, or thyroid disorder another treatment plan will abate female hair loss. Getting this disorder diagnosed early will also prove to avoid aggravation of this condition. Also, although taking in vitamins won’t Cure Hair Loss, a healthy diet replete with the essential vitamins and minerals can help make sure that your hair is in good health, too

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