Are French Fries a Healthy Option in Fast Food Restaurants?

French fries are probably one of the most frequently ordered foods in any fast food menu. They are well loved by almost every people all around the globe and can pair surprisingly well with almost any meal in the fast food menu. French fires are basically potatoes that are deep fried and served as strips. Although they may seem like a healthy choice, there are some things to know that should be able to make you think again.

Being a root crop, potatoes cooked into fries may not always be a healthy choice. This is because they are usually cooked in liters of oil, sprinkled with slat which is something that the body should never have too much in. French fries are known to contain bad cholesterol. These substances, otherwise known as saturated fats are the major triggers for fatal health conditions such as heart related diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

Aside from bad cholesterol, French fries have bad carbohydrates as well. Potatoes are made up of starch which is a simple carbohydrate. Most French fries are made out of white potatoes which have been known to be more easily convertible to sugar once ingested by the body. The starch ingested could either be used up as a form of energy or stored in the body as fat. Thus, it is very important that we use all these up for exercise and movement or else, it could lead us to gain more and more weight. Furthermore, as more starch is converted into sugar; there is also a subsequent sudden increase of insulin production. These sudden increases can lead to insulin resistance which in turn, could also lead to diabetes.

French fries also contain a very high concentration of trans-fats which are also considered to be carcinogenic or cancer inducing. Although there are no conclusive studies yet that can really pinpoint to these substances as the main cause of cancer, past studies have shown that there is a high correlation between cancer occurrence and a high amount of French fries in the diet.

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