Aloe Vera For Hair Loss

Aloe Vera For Hair Loss There are some factors in female hair loss and this article will mention some of them, so you better read on. Androgenetic alopecia is one of the same reasons that women and also the men are suffering form hair loss. Thinning hair can be a very distressing problem for women. The good news is there are natural remedies you can use to grow some of your hair back.1. The most common home remedy for preventing hair loss is massaging the scalp for a few minutes as part of your daily hair care routine. This will promote movement of blood into the hair follicles which, in turn, may activate some hair growth. This is thought to be specifically helpful for people whose complaints of losing a little hair is only temporary. Simply use your hands to massage your scalp, or try any of the many electronic scalp massagers from such companies as Wahl and Conair.2. For this, you have to eat a balanced diet which consists of good amount of proteins, vitamins and useful minerals like iron and zinc. Leafy vegetables, beans, yogurt, nuts, raisins, broccoli, soy protein, dairy products, etc. are very important foods for hair growth. Even fish, meat and eggs are also good for hair health. Along with these foods, take an additional dose of vitamins. Multivitamins are of great help for making up for any nutritional deficiencies. 3. Ayurvedic remedies may help complement the use of a hair loss shampoo to speed up the hair’s re-growth process. It is very important that you pick a natural hair growth shampoo instead of a chemical-based one so that it works well with the equally natural healing powers of ayurvedic medicines.4. Herbal extracts such as Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root are used for hair loss as well. Saw Palmetto benefits the prostate and hair in men. Women who use birth control or who are on hormone replacement therapy should not use it. It helps to lower the levels of DHT-dihydrotestosterone. It is a male hormone related to Androgenic, also known as androgenetic Alopecia. Nettle Root extracts has vitamins A and C. It also has other beneficial minerals and lipids.5. Jojoba oil has earned a reputation as a natural moisturizer that reduces dandruff and hair loss, as well as promoting lustrous hair. Aloe vera, especially mixed with coconut milk and wheat germ oil, is purported to balance pH levels.6. if your hair is exposed to a lot of dirt and dust daily, then you have to shampoo it more frequently. It is also very important that the combs and hairbrush that you are using on your hair are squeaky clean.7. Rosemary and Sage work well when used externally. Boil Rosemary, Sage, Peach Leaf, nettle and burdock in water. Remove the herbs and use the “broth” to wash your hair with daily.8. Hair loss, along with scalp problems, becomes aggravated because of the toxicity of the body. Detoxify the body by clearing the bowels and cleansing the system; stay away from pollutants, such as cigarette and cigar smoke, by covering your hair while in industrial areas and abstain from excessive alcoholic or carbonated beverages

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